Buying the Right ATS

Whether you’re an independent, self-employed recruiter, or running a small recruiting firm, business expenses can quickly accumulate. You have to maintain a website, business cards, office supplies, insurances and, on top of everything, you need an ATS; professional recruiters cannot effectively do their jobs without one.

When making the decision to buy one of the 300+ different recruitment systems on the market, you must be sure to find attentive recruitment software, like CATS, and avoid what we call absent recruitment software.

Absent recruitment software does not have your best interests at heart. These products draw you in with a free trial and a long list of features, but then fall short in usability. Soon, you find that the software isn’t intuitive and doesn’t work the way it was advertised.

Now, you have to learn how to use the ATS, which often comes at an additional fee. Furthermore, trying to reach customer support becomes a chore.

You never quite get used to being on hold, and when you finally get through to someone, the rep delivers five minutes of scripted troubleshooting before you can even explain your problem.

In a matter of moments, you realize the mistake you made in buying an ATS based solely on features. It’s easy for an ATS to sell you on functionality, but it’s much harder to sell you on usability.

Before you commit to an ATS, you must look beyond the features and ask yourself: How easy is it to upload a resume? How long does it take to move an applicant through the hiring process? How many clicks does it take to send an email? Is the ATS usable?

Usability comes from an understanding of what you do as a recruiter. CATS understands just that. Having our roots as staffing agency in the early 2000s, we know your needs better than most ATS companies on the market.

With CATS, you mold the software to work exactly how you want it to work, allowing you to recruit without feeling beholden to your ATS.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to figure out how an ATS works. It should make you work faster, smarter, and, most importantly, it should work the way you want it to. This is the theory behind our ATS, and it’s why we’re consistently ranked highly among the most user-friendly applicant tracking software.

Absent Recruitment Software is just that: absent. When you need help, it isn’t available. Instead, it’s hidden behind an unnecessary number of steps.

CATS believes in transparency and simplicity. It’s just you, the software, and our incredible support team. The CATS support staff is always available to take your calls on any issue, large or small, and you will always reach an actual person.

We never charge users for training and offer a plethora of recruiting resources to support your custom workflow. Additionally, we host free weekly CATS Webinars which are recorded and posted to YouTube the following day.

Finally, we listen to your feedback, implementing your ideas with every update. In fact, many of our widely used features came directly from our users.

Choosing the right ATS can make or break you. Why put yourself through turmoil by blindly purchasing an ATS with terrible usability and support?

Your ATS should support you and your work. At CATS, we don’t believe in making absent recruitment software. We believe in attentive recruitment software that shapes itself to you.

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