A Brand New Way to Assess Candidates in CATS

Since 2012, CATS has partnered with Berke to enable recruiters to link candidate profiles in CATS to pre-employment assessments in Berke. Over the last few months, we have worked together to develop a much more powerful, easy-to-use integration that improves the process of screening candidates.

With the new Berke integration enabled, you can now order a pre-employment assessment directly from CATS, and view the results in the associated candidate profile.

You can view and sort assessed candidates by their job fit score in the related job order:

Best of all, it's easy to access a candidate's assessment report directly from their profile in CATS, without the need for time-consuming searching.

To learn more about how to order and view assessments from within CATS, check out this article.

Berke is a candidate assessment tool that measures talent, personality, and intelligence to assess fit between your jobs and your candidates. For more information, or to try it for free, visit their website.

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