Introducing the World’s First Virtual Reality ATS

Minneapolis, 4/1/19 — CATS is proud to announce the release of the world’s first virtual reality recruiting product: CATS VRcruit. Taking their already powerful applicant tracking software and combining it with the bleeding edge of virtual reality technology, CATS has unleashed the future of recruiting.

“After almost 14 years of providing recruiters with a powerful, customizable applicant tracking system, we said to ourselves, ‘Okay, what’s next? How do we take this to the next level?’” said Jeff Pauline, Product Manager at CATS.

The way it works:

  • Recruiters wear a screen on their face
  • Can swipe on candidates in the style of popular dating apps
  • Hand gestures can be customized to a high degree
  • Sonar and vibrations let recruiters know when they’re about to run into something in the physical world

CATS is no stranger to being first. In 2007, CATS launched the very first sourcing browser extension for Firefox, allowing recruiters to add candidates to their database on the fly.

“In business, but in recruiting especially, time is money. So, with CATS VRcruit we thought, let’s create a way for recruiters to utilize all their time—so they can get all the money.”

The device includes one (1) VRcruit box, two (2) VRcruit controllers, and is totally not real.