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Pwning on Foursquare

One of our newest team members, Sean Ryan recently got a new phone and has been talking up a storm about one of the latest internet fads called Foursquare. It’s basically an app that allows...

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Recruiting: The Butler Did It

Believe it or not, there were some valuable recruiting lessons to be learned from this year’s NCAA Basketball tournament. National powerhouse Duke barely edged out Butler (a small, private university with 4,000 students in Indianapolis)...

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Quotas: The Messy Truth

Whether you support the idea of hiring quotas or not — they are a lightening rod issue. The problem they try to solve is legit: the representation of minorities, and in some cases, women, pale...

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Series 1: Office Pranks

Building office camaraderie can be fun process. What better way to do this than with office pranks? For me, the best office pranks are the simple ones that can make even the geekiest computer people...

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