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Flakey Lunch Break

What does a designer do during her lunch break? Because I bring my own lunch to work, I usually heat up my lunch and take it into the back break room. Taking along my laptop,...

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A weakness in PHP

One of my biggest frustrations about PHP on Apache is that the PHP script does not start until the HTTP request is completely received. To make this a little more clear, I cannot read from...

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MySQL+PHP MeetUp Roundtable

Tonight, October 8th, Cognizo Technologies has the privilege of hosting this year’s first social MySQL+PHP MeetUp roundtable. We’re excited to represent Cognizo recruiters and CATS developers and to expand our knowledge and support of Open...

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Featured on Cheezhead!

So, one of the most respected HR blogs in the industry, Cheezehead, featured CATS. Asim, the Founder and President of the company and me, your humble blogger were on it. It was quite an experience...

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At CATS we thrive to make your experience more fruitful. With this is mind, we have launched a brand new feature — the Data Grid. This is your one stop shop to searching for anything...

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