In with the new.

Introducing Nala, a productivity-focused redesign for the professional recruiter. Coming in 2018.

Nala flat UI image

At CATS we’re committed to bringing professional recruiters the tools they need to be successful—and that’s why we’re continually improving.

After an internal inventory and a review of user suggestions, we produced a list of dramatic improvements that will be released throughout the rest of 2018, culminating with a brand new, modern user interface.

SMS Capabilities

Available now in the Premium plan! Send and receive text messages in an easy-to-use chat window built into CATS. Read the blog introduction or see how it works in detail.

Meeting Scheduler

Available now in the Pro and Premium plans! Bypass the back-and-forth of scheduling with this time-saving feature. Let candidates see openings on your calendar and schedule a call or meeting instantly. Set “office hours” to define what parts of the day you’re available. Read the blog introduction or see how it works in detail.

Browser Extension Update

The redesigned browser extension is now available! Featuring an all-new, intuitive UI, the browser extension can extract candidate information 10 times faster from online profiles. Read the blog introduction or learn how it works with our Help Center article.

Revamped Career Portal

The new modern, mobile-friendly career portal will be faster, more secure and more customizable. Includes native Google Jobs support.

Sleek, Modern UI

Nala culminates in a new, modern UI update that will boost your productivity in CATS.