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Executive Search firms are facing new challenges—customers want to mitigate their risks by preferring to work on contingency basis. Couple this with the competition from in-house recruiters, and executive search firms have to deliver an outstanding customer experience to substantiate their rates.

Our customers know that creating, developing, and nurturing relationships is at the heart of a top-quality executive search recruiter. It is not about the latest technology, resume database, or “talent community.” It is about the human touch. Any tool executive recruiters use must facilitate these critical human interactions. Thousands have turned to CATS and are thriving in their practices.

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Alaska Executive Search

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Anchorage, AK

CATS just makes it super easy for me to get out mass emails without having to do it individually for each person.

– Kyle Thacker, Alaska Executive Search

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There wasn’t much of a learning curve and I was hooked immediately. I’ve been an avid fan and client of CATS since 2009. I get three calls a week from competitors pushing their ATS programs. I let everyone of them know I’m using CATS and I couldn’t happier.

– Mike Aubrecht, Atlanta Executive Search LLC

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