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People are the heart of non-profit organizations—which makes recruitment a priority at any non-profit. The best employees are passionate about the cause, which drives their motivation, production, and commitment. The inherent challenge is the need to get top talent for the lowest price, and that requires creative marketing skills and phenomenal candidate relationship management. Hundreds of creative recruiters at non-profits love the CRM capability of CATS.

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Recruiting Agency

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

CATS is about time-saving. Automation in a way that lets you get the job done effectively, but making sure the details are all correct. This is what CATS has done for us and it definitely can do that for others.

– Ben James, CANADEM

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Hiring the number of people that I do in a year would not be possible without this system; it absolutely saves me a ton of time.

– Hollis Emery, Conservation Corps

We were looking for a solution that was easy to use and customizable without being too expensive. The quality and value you get out of the CATS system is huge. Also, the customer support team at CATS was very helpful with customizing our site and setting up integrations.

– Carrie Speckhart, The Trust for Public Land

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Some other customers in this industry include:

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