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For most healthcare companies, recruiting top talent is a major business challenge and priority. According to a recent report by HealthcareSource, sixty-nine percent of healthcare organizations are concerned about competing with other healthcare providers for the same candidates. It’s no surprise that many of them want to improve their recruitment efforts.

According to a recent survey from Health Careers Network: “Demand for healthcare services is predicted to swell in the next ten years, driven by an aging baby boomer population and increased access to healthcare for all Americans through the Affordable Care Act. However, the supply of healthcare providers will simultaneously decrease, with shortages of qualified physicians and nurses predicted in the next ten years.”

Hundreds of professional internal and agency recruiters in the healthcare industry have turned to CATS to face these challenges.

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One of my favorite things about CATS is how much I can customize it; it completely streamlines my process. As a recruiter, it makes sure I’m staying on top of all of our candidates, makes sure we have sufficient follow-up, and also creates efficiency in the process entirely.

– Alyson Messegee, Jackson Pharmacy Professionals

CATS is extremely user-friendly and customization is a breeze.

– Tom Hasara, CareNational

Some other customers in this industry include:

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