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The professional recruiter has to do a lot. At a full-desk shop, there’s client relationship management, seeking out job orders, billing, and all kinds of other administrative tasks. Even in a front-of-desk position, a recruiter must build an extensive, high-quality candidate database. Frankly, consulting and recruiting professionals don’t have the time to worry about high-touch candidate interactions. They need to be free to focus on things that necessitate a human touch, and that’s why thousands of consultants and recruiters have chosen the recruitment automation capabilities of CATS.

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Atlanta, GA

You have the best of both worlds. I think it’s a great product for someone who wants something robust but at the same time not so cumbersome that you need a playbook in order to figure out how you do simple functions.

– Sharon Ball, VP PSR Associates

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I have been using CATS for a variety of clients for the past 5 years. What’s very helpful is the ability to customize portals, applications, fields, workflows, and messaging/escalation of critical matters via self-performance. Other systems I have used and implemented don’t come close to CATS’ ability to meet individual organizations’ needs.

– Douglas Sikat, Sikat Group, LLC

CATS has enabled our Talent Acquisition team to become extremely strategically organized. The system allows us to link candidates to job openings and move them through our hiring process with ease and keep a record of our activity. When working with our business unit leaders on various projects this helps us to be able to cross pollinate candidates for different job openings.

– Andrea Ascher, Solutions By Design

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